See the lastest inf on our 2009/2010 Titleholders!

See the lastest inf on our 2009/2010 Titleholders!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chrissy and the Carib

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Attention!! I'm excited to report that starting tomorrow 3/18, we will be featuring a Caribbean menu and Shandys will be on sale at the bar during my weekly afterwork - "We Go Hard Wednesdays" @ 507 Bar & Grill.

Last week turned into a real carnival fete (meaning party for those of non-west indian decent lol) and it is only fitting that we cater to the real FOBs (fresh-of-the-boat) and wannabe yardies (anyone from Flatbush *smile*) by offering items that truly make 507 feel like the bar where everybody knows your name (Hey gyal/boi).

So I hope to see ya out again this week as the weather should be real nice tonight. For those who missed out, we welcome ya to join us for great music by DJs Blu Boi and Biggs, hosted by Slim and yours truly. And don't worry, all immigration officers will be checked at the door- Ha!


Email for info on hosting your birthday!


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